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20th July 2023

Home is where the people you love are. This is why Neuro DropIn’s temporary residency in Torrisholme Methodist Church is currently home to many members who rely on the amazing services this outstanding charity provides.

But the operations within this building for staff and volunteers are reaching breaking point as the church lacks the facilities to support these everyday heroes.

We need a new building to make this home a haven!

Please follow this LINK to our donations page.

The charity offers a fantastic variety of classes to those suffering from a range of neurological conditions.

From fitness classes to mindfulness and creative well-being sessions. These invaluable classes are free to members and we offer free taster sessions for all our classes. The charity operates every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday from 10 - 2 pm but the classes provided have a continuous positive effect even when our members go home.

The community cafe serves a delicious meal at 12 pm which is free to all members. The close circle of warmth shared over these hot meals sparks a lovely atmosphere of friendship between all our members.

We need a new physical facility to foster this friendship.

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