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Our community offers fantastic classes that run every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 

Click here to view our classes! 

These invaluable activities are free to members and we offer free taster sessions for all our classes. Why not get a feel for our fabulous community before deciding to begin a membership with us!


NeuroDropIn is a friendly place for you and your family to meet with others that may have the same or similar conditions, whether you are newly diagnosed or have lived with a condition for a long time. 

We provide a unique place in Lancaster for anyone affected by a neurological condition, such as multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, Parkinson's disease, stroke, epilepsy, dementia, cerebral palsy, Huntington's disease, ME, MG, MSA and acquired brain injury.

Come and enjoy our lovely Pop up café 10-2pm. Our cafe serves a delicious hot meal at 12pm which is FREE to all our members! 

Our tasty sweet treats of cakes and biscuits are also FREE to our members! Plus for the full 4 hours, you can purchase a warm drink too. 

Free Parking, fully accessible and everyone is welcome! 

You are also welcome to join in our classes and groups, these include: Fitness, Yoga, Mindfulness, Movement, Tai Chi, Brazilian Dance, Singing, Writing and Art, click here to view our class timetable! 

Free wifi is available. We are evolving all the time with the ideas of our users helping us define your needs. You and your family are welcome to join us for a friendly chat to learn more about how we can support you.

We also have volunteer opportunities if you feel like you would like to help us to raise awareness, fundraise or within the centre. 

Sharon's Story

When I was diagnosed with MS in 2001 I was, like many people diagnosed with a serious illness, confused, frightened, angry at what I could only see as a huge interruption to the life I had mapped out for myself and my family.

Sharon's Story

I was unsure of what the future held for us, and I was scared that being disabled, not being ‘me’ anymore would make my friends see me differently. My husband, family and friends made sure I knew that, even though I would no longer be trekking across the Lakeland Fells or completing the Pennine Way Walk my hubby and I had started, I was still ‘me’ and that person was way too stroppy and bossy to take a back seat!

So, I volunteered for a well known national charity supporting people with MS. It was whilst working as a volunteer that I came to realise how little real support, help and awareness there was for many neurological conditions that affect so many people of all ages. Something needed to be done and that is when the idea for NeuroDropIn was born.

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I discovered that a wonderful building on the Lancaster Farms estate, formerly known as The Officers Mess, was empty. After many months of negotiation with the Prison & Ministry of Justice, and change of use planning sought and gained, we received our License, signed sealed and delivered (I almost broke into song then!) to operate Neuro Dropin from a permanent home at Stone Row Head, Lancaster, LA1 3QZ.

They say charity begins at home, it definitely has in our case. We would not be opening our doors to this fantastic Neuro Dropin without the support of our fabulous volunteers and the local community. The people of Lancaster should be proud because this is as much their place as it is ours.

We need help with lots of things, so if you want to help us, if your business can offer a service or a product to help us please get in touch. Volunteering is the proverbial two way street, it is doing something brilliant to help society whilst at the same time growing your own personal achievement by way of experience and adventure.

We are delighted and proud that our Neuro Dropin Centre is open, but we are keeping our feet on the ground, we have a terrific new home but now the hard work and fun begins. We are fully aware that without you we won’t remain open.

We need more volunteers. Our volunteers come in all shapes and sizes just like Neuro conditions, they are from all walks of life just like Neuro conditions, they are young Mums, retired people, students, professionals, just like the people who can be affected by a Neuro condition.

If you would like to commit some time (and you choose how much) we want to hear from you. In return for committing your time and energy you can be confident you are helping a fantastic charity and supporting people with neurological conditions.

We think what we do is unique, our members think that what we do is fabulous! One thing for sure is that, whilst we are all in the same boat neurologically speaking, we don’t spend too much time discussing our ailments, there are too many good distractions and too many new diversions for that! Why not dropin and see for yourself?

You will find a very warm welcome, listening ears if you want them, and a comfy home from home to relax, make new friends, and join in. We don’t have all the answers but we do have solutions to many of the day to day challenges all of us face. What could be better a home from home environment without a hint of institutionalisation!

If you would like to find out how you can make a difference and learn how volunteering can change your life for the better, please call 01524 840762 or email sharon@neurodropin.org.uk

"If we help one person we're a massive success, and we're helping a lot of people, including ourselves."

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