We are looking for volunteers for Preloved at Neuro DropinApril 12th, 2016

We are looking for volunteers for Preloved at Neuro Dropin

Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes and what they bring to our Charity can be measured by how successful we are at making a difference in the lives of everyone affected by a Neurological condition. Behind the scenes we have people volunteering by monitoring how we manage the money we raise through events, through our enterprise and importantly through donations. We have a team of priceless Volunteer ‘regulars’ who do the same job week in week out , we have a team of Volunteer ‘regulars’ who let me know when they are available and for how long so that we can match a task we need doing to the time they have to spare and we have a standby team who make themselves available to offer support for upcoming events like Neurobury on the 25th June, Fashion Night on the 5th May, Psychic night on the 12th July etc. We are always eager to welcome new friends to our teams and would urge anyone who is thinking about Volunteering to look our way. Please share this post , thank you so very much

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