The story behind Preloved at Neuro DropinApril 15th, 2016

The story behind Preloved at Neuro Dropin

Shared from Anastasja Katzinova’s 100 happy days:

Day 31: Today I am grateful to have spent the morning at the Neuro Drop-in Centre, one of my favourite charities I have worked with in the past, with the delightful Sharon Jackson, Abbie Booth, the adorable baby Abel and the rest of the crew. As well as the people who work with her, Sharon is one of the most truly inspirational women I’ve ever met. As a driven, dynamic young woman she worked her way from packing to becoming one of the Head Buyers at Reebok, travelling all over the world and speaking to some of the highest rollers in the industry. Her life changed overnight when she was diagnosed with MS and gradually had to accept that her career and life as she knew it was over. After a period of learning how to accept help from others and mourning her former life as a successful, independent powerhouse, she shook off the depression and channeled all that fire into creating a charity for others with neurological conditions, offering classes, a cafe, and most importantly a safe, friendly space to support people who are facing the daily struggle of knowing that they, or their loved one, have a deteriorative neurological condition that may be life limiting. The centre is for anyone who has any type of neuro condition from ME to Parkinson’s to Motor Neurones Disease, as well as their friends, carers, families and pets, so if you know anyone struggling with this reality please tell them about this incredible place. As you can see there is now a lovely charity shop there too run and organised by Jess, Sharon’s daughter in law. ‪#‎100happydays‬

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