Yeay Sheds!

HELP was just a phone call away when our dream of a Blokes Shed was becoming a hazy maybe…might not…and a probably won’t…then….Oh wow! I’m thrilled to bits to announce we are getting one…purpose built…double glazed…wheelchair access…absolutely FREE!…the business.. and we have The Prisoners Officers Charity, Lancaster Farms, Kirkham & them that work in that there London to thank for it!… I am soooooooooo delighted! Here is a pic of what we can expect designed to our own specifications!  Update Update Update ….and the Blokes Shed is DONE! Hurray ….we are expecting delivery imminently and must thank a cast of thousands for helping us get this far , Bob Howard, Simon Smith, Carl Smith, HM Kirkham, L&M College, our amazing violunteeers and not least my wonderful other half and our Neuro Drop In Centre’s best supporter Graham Jackson who dreamt up the idea…..well I had to elt him have at least one didn’t  I ?

Blokes, you have no excuses… lol! Ha ha ha yippee yippee!



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