Charity ….begins at Home

There is something happening in the Charity world and its not all positive. I heard yesterday about a hugely successful National Charity who telephoned a regular contributor and suggested that since they had been paying around £20 per month for the past year they might now like to increase their donation to £40 a month! 100% increase…nice work if you can get it. Not so positive for the Charity w…ho have now lost that contributor. Then today we are assailed by so called ‘Chuggers’ the personable, loudly spoken youngsters who collectively line our High Streets encouraging us to sign up to Direct Debits for Charity….Charities that they in fact DO NOT volunteer for , in fact they don’t even work for these charities..they are effectively modern day piece workers ..paid by the sign up so to speak. As a local Charity we survive purely on generosity, and yes we do try to encourage people to donate to us through a Donate button on our website but trust me, that button is like the Carlsberg complaints dept phone that never rang! It rarely gets pressed. But when it does we are thrilled to bits not sitting there dreaming up ways to get the contributor to pay more. Charity begins at home and wears many guises, giving and volunteering are just two …lets bring it home and see for ourselves where our pennies go and what great good they can help US do for the people who need it.

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